Summer Camp at Van Es!

Summer Camp at Van Es is an awesome opportunity for kids of all ages to play outside, take a "technology detox", and build lifelong friendships. Under the care of a talented Camp Staff, campers will take risks, learn from nature, and grow in spirit.

Held in week-long segments, Campers are invited to spend a week away from home - living in cabins, playing outside, exploring nature, making arts and crafts, playing sports, and learning about themselves. At camp, "we live in community," meaning that each person takes responsibility for the place, and offers care to each other. 

A Typical Day at Camp...

Campers wake up, get ready for the day, enjoy breakfast, and tidy their space.

Between breakfast and lunch, campers are engaged in a meaningful program called "Learning with Sacred Earth," which cultivates spirit, learns about the earth, involves lots of play, and makes art. 

After lunch, campers can self-select different activities, like swimming, arts+crafts, field games, theatre+music, etc.

Dinner is an undertaking, and each day is themed differently. 

After dinner, campers engage in an "All Camp Activity," like capture the flag, an epic game of hide+seek, movie night, etc. 

The day concludes with Campfire Vespers, followed by some quality time with bunk-mates. 


Elementary Grades (Age 6-10) - Sunday, July 3-Friday, July 8, 2022.

Overnight Camp - $250

 Overnight Camp is encouraged for all campers, especially those over age 7. We know that homesickness can be a challenge at first, and we will work with you and your child to feel at home and comfortable. 

Day Camp Option - $200

 If your child is new to camp, you may prefer to enrol them in Day Camp, which will run Monday - Friday, 9:30 am - 4 pm. (We can work with you to accommodate work schedules.)

Jr High / Middle Grades (Age 11-14) - Sunday, July 10 - Saturday, July 16 - $350

Sr High Grades (Age 15-18) - Sunday, July 17 - Saturday, July 23 - $350

Program Add-ons
This year, we are offering a new approach to our camp program - by offering "Add Ons". Supplementing our traditional program, we will offer unique opportunities for your camper to explore and grow. 

Outdoor Leadership - $75
Available for Elementary Overnight (Age 9+), Jr High/Middle Grades, and Sr High Grades, the Outdoor Leadership program will supplement the traditional camp program by offering opportunities for your camper to spend a couple of nights in a tent, go for day hikes, learn orienteering and backcountry skills, practice Leave No Trace ethics, and cook in the backcountry. (Space Limited - You are encouraged to register early.)

Culinary Arts - $75
Available for Jr High/Middle Grades, and Sr High Grades, the Culinary Arts add-on will bring your camper into the Camp Kitchen! Under the supervision of our Head Cook, campers will learn about nutrition, menu planing, learn some cooking skills, and enjoy some opportunities to offer a dining experience for their campmates. 

An Inclusive Camp

Camp Van Es welcomes campers, volunteers, and staff from all walks of life. While this is a Christian camp, we do not discriminate on the basis of religion, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, or ability. If you have a camper who would like to attend camp, and would like to talk through how we can best include your camper in our program, please contact James Lavoy, Executive Director, at JLAVOY[at] 


In addition to our traditional "boys" and "girls" cabins, we also offer non-binary / gender expansive accommodations for anyone who would feel more comfortable in that environment.